The Emperor’s Reach on pre-order

Now on Pre-order at Amazon and Smashwords. The latest novel by R. Jacques. Delivery is 18 December 2020.

Nine years after the events in the Rasere Awakening series the world of Simvie Loko has become a more dangerous place. The Tuscans have invaded Affenland, the island home of Grif Grasswalker, a sentient Gorilla. They’ve also forged an alliance with Rakistan and are busy building a new fleet of warships in their fabricator equipped shipyards. Finally, in the far east, The new city of Concordia, inhabited by newcomers from a dystopian simulation, presents a new challenge in the form of refugees who stream west into the lands of Lokotero causing social upheaval.
Rising to the challenge is the newly elected president of Lokotero, Andrew Jenson. To aid the Gorillas, he sends a covert military unit to disrupt the Tuscan’s military infrastructure on the island. To Concordia and Rakistan, he sends agents to gather more information on the threats posed to their country’s sovereignty. What secrets will they discover and what dangers will they face? Read The Emperor’s Reach and find out!