Simvie Loko Vignettes – Press Release


What? : Release of an eBook anthology “Simvie Loko Vignettes.”
Who?: GoSpeed Rasere aka GoSpeed Racer
When?: 24 January 2020

Long-time Second Life Resident, GoSpeed Rasere, is self-publishing a science fiction anthology on Amazon and Smashwords.

These stories feature several Second Life avatars as characters in the stories

Simvie Loko Vignettes is a collection of 19 short stories that take place before, during, and after the events in my published series, Rasere’s Awakening. These stories allow me as the author to answer a few questions about my world, do additional world-building, and foreshadow future events.

I’ll be available inworld to chat with readers, Friday, January 24th, 5-7pm SLT

AMAZON: (Print on demand is also available)

I’m available for interviews on weekends and from 3-6pm SLT weekdays. Alternately you may submit questions via email gospeed(at)