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Author R. Jacques (aka- GoSpeed Rasere)

Book Launch

Second Life— 23 March 2019 — Author R. Jacques, also known as GoSpeed Rasere, Announces the availability of her new novel, The Bounding Main, the third title in the Rasere Awakening Series.

What is this book about?

This novel is the continuation of the main character’s story arc in the futuristic virtual world of Simvie Loko. Once a playground for human Users, Simvie Loko is now a free world for all the NPCs who dwell there.  In this installment, GoSpeed Rasere is trying to put her past behind her, but she can never elude her past actions. She signs up for a new opportunity to escape but must live among those who fear and despise her. Join Ms. Rasere on the expedition of a lifetime where a new threat is revealed to her kind and she is given the chance to redeem herself.


The Bounding Main can be purchased via these online bookstores.




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Apple: Via their apps.

Print copies can be purchased now at Amazon. Release date is 30 March 2019. (Typically midnight UTC).


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About the Author

GoSpeed Rasere has been active in Second Life since late 2006. She’s been involved with the sailing community in the past, been a blogger, radio station manager, DJ and now currently a self-published novelist.

For the press. I am open to answer questions about my writing and how Second Life has been a positive influence on that writing. SL is filled with very creative people and it is my hope sharing my stories persuades others in SL that they can do the same.

GoSpeed Rasere/ R. Jacques